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Laptop and Plant


I offer a variety of services, ranging from article review to app development; the details of which are listed below.

App Development

I provide a full UI / UX design for your app with Cloud-based app backend such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud etc.

Technical Tutorial

I write in-depth tutorials on a variety of technologies For example, how you can integrated x API, or how x platform can assist you?


I write blogs about MLOps, Cloud, Data, Kubernetes, Different kind of tools and a range of other topics.

Technical Review 

I review tutorials and blogs with technical content. 

What My Clients Say

Laptop and Stationery

Abhilash, Business Operations (Censius)

Hey, we have reviewed your blog, it's impressive and amazingly written, in Siddharth's words (ML Scientist) "let's get him on board with whatever capacity"

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