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Here are a few of my favourite articles, blogs, and tutorials that have been published so far.

Custom Object Detection using TensorFlow — (From Scratch)

In this tutorial, we’re going to create and train our own face mask detector using a pre-trained SSD MobileNet V2 model.

First we will create our own image dataset and later we will see how to train a Custom Model for Object Detection (Local and Google Colab!)...


Hacking the Dino Game from Google Chrome

When there is no internet connection available, Google Chrome web browser on Windows and macOS (most likely on Linux too) shows up a page detailing the possible causes as well as a small endless runner game with a dinosaur that has to run, dodge obstacles, and accumulate points. The game is relatively simple-minded. A monochrome game area with clouds, cacti, bumps in the ground, a dinosaur, a Hi-Score counter and a current score counter. 


Referrals Feature Using Firebase — Android Tutorial

Ever had a thought that making a Refer and Earn or Referral Feature in your android app without using any server or too much work. Well firebase can do that for you, Using Firebase AUTH, Firebase Database, Firebase Deep Link and other feature we will create Refer Feature in No time. Let Go Then !


            Beginners Guide To Google Actions

Chatbots are the rage these days. At a high level, they can be rule-based or AI-based. If it is Google Assistant Or Amazons Alexa , we use it every day in our life. We use this Chatbots in our smartphone, TV, Home etc.


Authenticating Anonymously With Firebase Auth 


We all love using app but whenever an App asks us to sign in or sign up to use app, it feels like not now. We all make apps where we don’t want user to spend time sign in or entering email ID etc. So firebase has come up with amazing feature to get user signed in Anonymously, just a unique ID.

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